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Stephanie Barsoum volunteers with Providence Ministries, Inc. DBA Providence Children’s Home

Stephanie graduated as a Global Health Minor from UCSD in 2018. She transferred to UCSD in the Fall 2013 as a human biology major. During her time at UCSD, she also added global health as a minor so that she could gain a broader understanding of health issues outside of the United States.


For her field experience, Stephanie spent 143 hours in Nairobi, Kenya with Providence Ministries, Inc. DBA Providence Children’s Home. Providence Ministries, Inc. DBA Providence Children's Home provides a home for orphaned girls in Kenya throughout all life stages. The organization also sustains a school that includes primary and secondary schooling for both boys and girls. In addition, a community clinic is also run on the campus that serves the community, the school children, and the orphaned girls.

Prior to leaving for Kenya, Stephanie was tasked with collecting donated supplies for hygiene kits. She also worked with the mission trip leader and other members of the mission team to help organize and plan for a community health fair in Kenya.

“While in Kenya, I worked with both an American physician and a physician from Kenya along with nurses from Kenya to provide care for members of the community. I assisted the physicians by taking patient vitals and recording patient histories. I also helped coordinate and teach first aid to the house mothers of the orphanage. I spent time with members of the community, school children, and orphaned girls learning what life was like in Kenya. Lastly, I helped coordinate and organize donated books for the newly constructed school library.”

Stephanie notes that the largest challenges she was presented with while on her mission trip were dealing with the language barrier and adjusting to life in a different country.

In adjusting to life in Nairobi, Stephanie learned to appreciate life outside of materialist comfort.

“The friendships and relationships I built with the girls living in the orphanage is what I am most grateful for. During my free time, I played games with and talked with the orphaned girls and school children. On our free days, we took the girls living in the orphanage to a water park and on a wilderness hike through the Ngong Hills.”

Although many years have passed since Stephanie completed her field experience, her experiences and memories remain strong and important to her. If you are interested in being a part of future mission trips like these, visit the Providence Ministries, Inc. DBA Providence Children's Home website today!

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