Virpal Kaur teaches health-related topics in Tanzania, Africa with One Heart Source

Virpal Kaur majored in General Biology (’13). She loves traveling abroad and volunteering in different communities to learn more about different cultures. For her field experience, Virpal traveled to Tanzania, Africa for a month with an organization called “One Heart Source”. One Heart Source promotes well-being, growth and development of abandoned and orphaned children in underdeveloped countries through high quality care and education programs. It also uses education to promote academic enrichment, life skills, and character development of the children to build effective lives and become potential community leaders, continuing the cycle of positive social change.

Here’s Virpal sharing her experience:

“I lived with a host family in a village named Musa in Tanzania. I worked with American volunteers and Tanzanian volunteers. I got the chance to teach the community about health related topics. I also worked with children at the local school. I g