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UCSD Expanding Visions for Health

EVH Mission: 

Expanding Visions for Health (EVH) is a student-led organization that is created by a group of dedicated people who are passionate in making an impact in the way we think of Health and well being. The three core ideas that inspired the student organization is to Educate and Empower, Vocalize Health disparities, and Heal through the power of community and art.


EVH Vision: 

To create a space for passionate leaders who want to combine their talents and ambitions as projects of health education and outreach. EVH strives to make health promotion accessible, fun, educational, and impactful to underserved communities where we provide new perspectives and cultural humility of understanding health.


Become a Member

Meet other students passionate about Global Health issues!

Membership Requirements

  • All are welcome in this student organization including non-UCSD students and outside organizations.

  • EVH is inclusive and allows for the creative space for every member to express their thoughts, ideas, passions, and encourage them to be leaders on their chosen projects for global health. 

Membership Benefits

  • Give voice to health disparities and determinants of health using art

  • Combine your talents, passions, and ambitions in community health outreach projects

  • Network and collaborate with passionate students and health professionals

  • Work with outside non-profit student organizations

  • Have fun with social events and making art for the UCSD community and San Diego county

  • Learn health education curriculum and strategies of health promotion

  • Marketing community health outreach

  • Make health education accessible for our neighborhoods

  • Learn Public Speaking and professional career development



Come & join us at one of our GBM events this quarter!

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