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Guest Spotlights

The Syrian Refugee Crises


Featuring Farah Rahman

It is equally disheartening and disappointing that it took the world such a long time to open their hearts and eyes to the hurting Syrian population. Thousands have been massacred in the past few years and millions are displaced with no one to speak up about the injustice, yet the irony of it all is it only took the death of one innocent little boy to shake the world’s...

An Ethnographic Study of US Gun Ownership


Featuring Joe Anderson

This post comes to us from the original founders of the UCSD Gun Violence Intervention Group at UC San Diego, Joe Anderson. Joe writes to us from Edinburgh University in Scotland, where he is pursuing his PhD in Anthropology, and will be coming back to San Diego in 2016 to conduct further fieldwork in the topic of gun violence. (Note: This post was...

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