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The American Mock World Health Organization (AMWHO) is the only model-WHO entity in the United States of America. AMWHO aims to increase discourse on global health policy through creating authentic simulations of the World Health Assembly, the sole decision- making body of the World Health Organization. Participants assume the role of a WHO- Ambassador, Non-Governmental Organization Representative, or Media Correspondent, and form health-related positions to create a final resolution sent to the WHO in Geneva, Switzerland.

Our group is open to all and we look forward to meeting you!

Become a Member

Meet other students passionate about global health policy!

Membership Requirements

Membership Benefits

  • ​Be a part of a collaborative, multidisciplinary community of students and global citizens that are open-minded and dedicated.

  • Network: meet like-minded students, UC San Diego professors and faculty, individuals working to promote health in San Diego and the world.

  • Peer mentorship: Be a supportive force in other students endeavors.

  • Attend seminars on Global Health issues.

  • Involvement in fundraisers, awareness events, promoting GH on campus

  • Be a student leader at UC San Diego and beyond!


Come & join us at one of our GBM events this quarter!

Our student organization holds meetings every even week of the quarter (2,4,6,8) on Wednesday's from 7:00-8:00 P.M. In our meetings we seek to learn more about the inner working of the World Health Organization as well as discuss modern day global health issues.


For more information on upcoming events and meetings, please see our Facebook page!

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