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Faculty Spotlights

How Dr. Wilson Defines Global Health


Featuring Dr. Brenda Wilson, Professor of Global Health | Interview by Colette Kirkpatrick

Growing up as a woman of color in South Texas, Dr. Wilson was always interested in the struggles of racialized minorities. After completing a Bachelor’s of Science in biology and chemistry, Dr. Wilson went on to earn her Master's degree in environmental anthropology...

The Importance of Community in Global Health


Featuring Dr. Saravia, Professor of Global Health | Interview by Leeda Sea

Dr. Paula Saravia's path began when she attended college at the University of Chile where she took a class on medical anthropology and fell in love with the subject and wanted to work in this type of field...

Welcoming Dr. Walkover to the Global Health Program!


Featuring Dr. Walkover, Professor of Global Health.

Starting in Fall 2020, Professor Walkover became an Assistant Teaching Professor holding a joint appointment in the Department of Communications and the Global Health Program at UCSD. Starting her journey at Wesleyan University, Professor Walkover completed a B.A. in the Science in Society Program and Molecular Biology and Biochemistry. From there, she went on to complete her Ph.D. in Sociology at UCSF. Over the last two years, Professor Walkover was a Postdoctoral Fellow in Global Health at Drexel University.

Changing Conditions of People's Lives More Broadly


Featuring Dr. Kang

Professor Dredge Byung’chu Kang's research focuses on beauty and love as they intersect with race, class, gender, sexuality, globalization, and structural violence in body modification and interracial relationships. Dr. Kang teaches courses on love, beauty, race, gender variance, sex work, sexual health, global health, inter-Asian / transnational Southeast Asian...

An Interview


Featuring Dr. Edington, History Professor

Claire Edington, Assistant Professor of History at UCSD, received her PhD in the History and Ethics of Public Health (Department of Sociomedical Sciences) from Columbia University in 2013. Before joining the faculty at UCSD, she was a postdoctoral fellow in the Mahindra Humanities Center at Harvard University from 2013-2014 and an Assistant Professor of History...

Her Advice to Students


Featuring Dr. Kaiser

Professor Bonnie Kaiser joined us at UCSD in Fall 2018 as an Assistant Professor jointly appointed in the Department of Anthropology and Global Health Program. As an undergraduate at Notre Dame, Professor Kaiser studied Anthropology and Psychology. Immediately after undergrad, she attended graduate school at Emory University and received an MA in...

Anthropology of Global Health


Featuring Dr. Jenkins

In the wake of an exciting event at UC San Diego, “New Frontiers in Global Justice: A Conference with Amartya Sen,” PROSPECT had the opportunity to sit down with one of the minds who contributed significantly to the weekend’s discussion of global justice: Professor Janis H. Jenkins, Ph.D. A professor of anthropology and adjunct professor of psychiatry at UCSD...

On the Field of Global Health Policy


Featuring Dr. Mackey

Professor Timothy Mackey, Ph.D is the instructor of the new Fall 2017 course offered by the UC San Diego (UCSD) Global Health Program, GLBH 160. Global Health Policy. In this interview he shares his insights and background to enlighten us on this booming area in the field, which has been an area of increased interest by the student population at UCSD...

What Motivated Her to Join the Global Health Program


Featuring Dr. Gere

Originally from London, Professor Cathy Gere was a full-time activist in the American Indian movement, anti-gentrification and anti-poverty movements as well as Queer activism in New York and San Francisco. After returning to the UK to complete her PhD in History and Philosophy of Science, Professor Gere worked at the University of Chicago before...

Medical and Cultural Anthropologist


Featuring Dr. Varma

Meet the newest Global Health Affiliated Faculty on Campus at UC San Diego!​ Dr. Saiba Varma is a medical and cultural Anthropologist with a PHD from Cornell University. Her studies and interests include violence, medicine, psychiatry, and politics as they pertain to Indian-controlled Kashmir and South Asia in general...

Named to Dr. James Y. Chan Presidential Chair in Global Health


Featuring Dr. Csordas, Global Health Director

Congratulations to the Global Health Director for this phenomenal honor! Thomas J. Csordas, renowned anthropologist and director of the Global Health Program at the University of California, San Diego, has been appointed the inaugural holder of the Dr. James Y. Chan Presidential Chair for Global Health in the Division of Social Sciences...​

Tips for success in Global Health and GLBH 181


Featuring Dr. Eileen Pitpitan, Social Psychologist

Eileen V. Pitpitan, Ph.D. is a social psychologist by training. Dr. Pitpitan’s research focuses on disadvantaged and stigmatized populations, including substance users. She earned her doctoral degree at the University of Connecticut and received postdoctoral research experience at the Center for Health, Intervention, and Prevention and UCSD prior to her...

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