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Rozhon Badiozamani completes medical internship in Durban, South Africa – UC Davis Internship Abroad

Rozhon Badiozamani spent five weeks in Durban, South Africa interning at four different medical facilities through UC Davis Internship Abroad. Those facilities were St. Mary’s Hospital, King Edwards Surgery Ward, Chatsworth Hospice, and Blue Roof Clinic. Through this clinical rotation, Rozhon was able to gain valuable hands-on and shadowing experience in different medical departments.

“At St. Mary’s, I stood in during surgeries. I did not participate in the care of the patient. I witnessed multiple Cesarian sections. I attended St. Mary’s for 4 days.
At King Edwards Surgery Ward, I did not participate in the care of the patient. I shadowed three surgeons-Dr. Chirkut, Dr. Singh, and Dr. Rocher (unsure of name). I was not trained in any activities. I shadowed the doctors and medical students during rounds. I shadowed Dr. Chirkut for a day in Surgery Outpatient Department. I did two overnight shifts in the surgery department. I was an active observer, constantly asking questions.
At Chatsworth, I rode along to at-home visits to terminally ill cancer patients. At Blue Roof Clinic, I was trained to work in the pharmacy. I observed pap smears and was trained to measure blood glucose levels and blood pressure. I helped on outreach day at a local company.”

After the completion of her internship, Rozhon has been actively involved in the Global Health community on campus and locally.

“I am trying to learn as much as possible about various population groups within my own community and studying them. I am a Life Course Scholar, a program led by Professor Leslie Lewis, so that I can learn about the aging community. I am also becoming more involved with SGH by spear-heading a journalism component to the program with Professor Claire Edington.”
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