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Lynea Anicete soars with Flying Samaritans at UCSD

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

GH Minor soars with Flying Samaritans at UCSD –

Lynhea Anicete (Class of 2015) is a fourth year undergraduate student from ERC. She is a Double Major in Global Health and Biochemistry Cell Biology.

We asked Lynhea the following questions about her Global Health Field Experience!

Tell us about yourself:

I am current Co-President of Flying Samaritans at UCSD. I am very compassionate and I really care about the patients in Ensenada Mexico. Their smiles are all the payment I need. I am an intern at Palomar Medical Center in Escondido and have done rounds in Cardiovascular Acute Care and am currently stationed in Neurological Acute Care. I enjoy playing badminton, watching meaningful Pixar movies, trying out new foods, growing herbs, having spontaneous adventures, and cooking.

What do the Flying Sams do?

"My organization provides medical and dental primary care to the patients of Ensenada Mexico. On these medical missions, we bring professional medical and dental doctors, nurses, pharmacists, EMTs, and student volunteers to run a free clinic. They first wait in the waiting room where we provide public health education. Then they go to the patient history station and express their chief complaint to a Spanish speaking volunteer, then they are sent to get their vitals checked, followed by a doctor or a dentist visit. If warranted by the doctor and/or pharmacist the patient will have labs done and will get free pharmaceuticals or multivitamins. On special trips we have donations, foods, snacks, juices, and other activities for the children and their families. Once a quarter we have a Public Health Day at an Orphanage called Rancho El Faro Orphanage. We provide learning workshops on various topics, art projects, and activities. We also cook meals, make smoothies, and distribute healthy fruits to the children."

Did you face any challenges?

"Some challenges I faced was the transition from Pharmacy Administrator (mostly inventory and supply ordering) to Lab Primary. It was a great challenge to learn all the protocols and devices used because the Primary before me was about to graduate. It was especially challenging to do it on a patient who was already uncomfortable. But later I realized that it was easy and doable and that patients were comfortable when they felt confident that I was confident in what I was doing. When I finally became comfortable with my slight command of medical Spanish, I was able to finally comfort my patients in the quick tests that I will be doing on them. They’re appreciation of my skill is especially rewarding."

Any great memories?

"Some great memories I had of my trip was when we would buy baby supplies, like baby formula. And we gave them to this mother who would have her baby at every trip. We realized we could do more service and this was our way of doing that. I see her at every trip now and she remembers me and we smile at each other and I approach her so that I can play with her baby.
She was the first patient of mine that made me realize that we could do better. She asked for water from us once, it was a hot day and they were waiting a long time for the doctor, but we didn’t have any water for her or her child. It was sad to see that we failed somewhere. But now, we always bring snacks and water/juices to our clinic. We have to think of the patients more-we are there for them. They are what makes us possible to be here, what motivates all of us, I think, to pursue health."

What did you do in your free time?

"We ate Tacos and drove to the border and waited at the border. The border wait is easy because there is food everywhere. You can get ice cream, churros, shaved ice, clamato, it’s all so delicious and exciting.
Other times that don’t involve food, was talking to the professionals about their experience. Talking to each other about my career or their career and lots of really great topics. I think Flying Samaritans works with lots of great doctors who are exceptional resources for a career in health and interdisciplinary work."

Lynhea continues to work with Flying Samaritans.

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