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Reducing Instances of Rapid Repeat Pregnancy through One Step AHEAD (Adolescent Health Education and Development) Maternal Program: A Dialogue on Teen Pregnancy and Risks in the U.S.

Andrea Villanueva


This research paper examines the relationship between rapid repeat pregnancy (RRP) in adolescents and maternal programs in the United States. By examining common social risk factors in teen pregnancy, I can conclude that most of these factors are not considered in intervention strategies. Lack of proper contraception use and education leads to unsuccessful pregnancy outcomes in adolescent programs. Through using case studies and published research focused on how various programs are tackling rapid repeat pregnancies (RRP) in teens, this research proposes a new method of an intervention targeting adolescent mothers and their children called One Step AHEAD (Adolescent Health Education and Development). This maternal program would help ensure that both mothers and babies are receiving the proper postpartum care and knowledge to be fully informed when it comes to making decisions regarding their own holistic health.

To view the full poster, click on the pdf icon below.

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