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What Factors Cause the Syrian Refugees to Have High Prevalence of Mental Health Disorders and Are There Any Effective Ways of Interventions

Valentina Mansoor


About a decade ago, the war in Syria started causing millions of Syrians to flee their motherland and seek refuge in different countries. The Syrian Refugees in distinct countries reveal high prevalence of mental health disorders including: PTSD, anxiety, and depression. The Syrian refugees have faced harsh living conditions in addition violence and trauma in Syria which impacts their mental health status. Consequently, the Syrian refugees face harsh living conditions in the countries that they migrate to which makes them be vulnerable to mental health disorders. Various studies illustrate that there is a clear disparity in the prevalence of mental health disorders among Women and men Syrian refugees; women reveal higher rates of mental disorders compared to men which could be linked to women’s vulnerable position in society. In addition, the “Syrian Identity” could serve as a shield that protects the Syrian refugees from mental health disorders because it makes them socially connected to their community. Thus, It is important to deeply understand the factors that lead the Syrian refugees to acquire high rates of mental health disorders in order to find effective interventions to help the Syrian refugees improve their mental health status.

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