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Sapna Mehta Paves the Way as a Palomar Pathmaker

Sapna was a Global Health major and is very passionate about health equity. She hopes to work towards eradicating healthcare access disparities in her future career in global health and medicine.

Sapna spent 4 years as an intern for Palomar Health as part of the Palomar Pathmakers Internship. Here, she received extensive skills training, which granted her the ability to work directly with patients with a myriad of illnesses and disabilities and have the unique opportunity to rotate through dozens of departments.

Being exposed to some parts of patient care was a challenge that took time to get comfortable with, but once Sapna put on the mindset that the patient's health and comfort comes first, it became less of a challenge.

I gained many professional connections, especially when I was a high schooler in this internship. Many UCSD students would be my partners on shifts and I was able to ask them so many questions! That is how I knew UCSD would be a great fit when I got in. I made dozens and dozens of new friends and connections and a great, uplifting professional network of like-minded peers to help me.

During her free time, Sapna opted to do different tasks on different hospital floors. In the birth center, she would put together the newborn baby hats; in the ER, she would restock supplies and go find wheelchairs for new patients- and so on.

Sapna also participated in Flying Sams; The patient care experience in taking vitals during her internship became an integrated part of her contribution during clinic days, where she is able to train new volunteers in performing vital signs, and how to properly treat patients.

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