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Eaindray Phyu's Field Experience with Foundation for International Medical Relief of Children

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

Eaindray Phyu is a former UCSD Global Health major who graduated in 2021. Eaindray Phyu participated in a field experience with Foundation for International Medical Relief of Children for approximately 1 month.

FIRMC is a nonprofit organization that does global health work throughout different parts of the world. They aim to improve healthcare access to families through health programs in their sites. They have a network of outpatient clinics, partnerships with the local healthcare system in order to provide clinical services, community outreach efforts, and health education programs.

During this time, Eaindray was part of the Virtual Global Health Fellowship program, which was a month-long session. As part of the fellowship program Eaindray had to attend regional focus meeting where students regularly engaged with different site coordinators to discuss global health topics based in FIMRC's work such as the type of developmental works, regional, challenges, and the operations of project sites. Eaindray attended regular clinical case study meeting where discuss different infectious and non-infectious diseases and discussion diagnosis and treatments. Eaindray also attended weekly virtual shadowing sessions with a primary care doctor, a psychologist, and pharmacists at FIMRC's Costa Rica's site. Eaindray was also part of small-group project for FIMRC site in Peru, working on a Early Stimulation manual, doing research on child and maternal health for FIMRC staffs and participants at Peru's program.

Eaindray accounts that some valuable things received FE was an in-dept experience of global health operations through an operating organization. Eaindray was able to gain knowledge of regional site operations, how different clinics and projects operates at different FIMRC sites and how volunteers are involved in the process. Through clinical case studies Eaindray was able to learn abut the resources used in the clinical sites as well as what diseases and health problems each clinical site tackle with frequently. Working in a 3 person project group, Eaindray was able to have one-on-one with other FIMRC volunteers through our weekly virtual meetings and discussions.

For students interested in learning more about FIRMC, please visit their website at

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