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Amy Huynh reflects on her 10 weeks with the Iris Cantor UCLA WHERC

Amy Huynh is a Human Development major (’14) at ERC. Amy chose to minor in Global Health to gain perspective on “human health and its connection to the global community.”


For her field experience, Amy spent 10 weeks at the Iris Cantor UCLA Women’s Health Education and Resource Center (WHERC).

Amy shares her experience:

“My field experience at UCLA Women’s Health Education and Resource Center was a great learning experience and helped me see the workings of public health. I worked closely with the Director of UCLA WHERC on a new project called the UCLA Healthy Campus Initiative. This project is in the beginning stages and serves to provide low-wage employees at UCLA with health resources that are conducive to overall good health. I was in charge of collecting, consolidating, and organizing health education materials from non-profit organizations, government agencies, and local health entities. I also assisted in organizing and reading scientific articles for lesbian and bisexual women’s health research conducted by the medical director of the center and other researchers.”
“I am grateful that I was able to do complete my field experience at this institution because I gained insights on health issues experienced by a population that I never really thought about. I learned about the health concerns that are unique to lesbian and bisexual women and how they are at a disadvantage when it comes to access to quality health care. Even though I have taken numerous courses relevant to public/global health, I have not learned about this sexual minority population. I am interested in women’s health, so this internship definitely exposed me to new information that relates to my future profession.”
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