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The Cultural and Environmental Effects on Mental Health in the Philippines

Johnny Martin


This article reviews scholarly claims that provide insight into what it is like to face mental health issues within a specific culture. There is a lack of knowledge and understanding when it comes to Filipino culture regarding mental health. This article first looks at the background of Filipino culture and the policy side of the Philippines medical field. From there it focuses on how culture and customs affect one’s individual life and can have negative repercussions. Some things that can affect one’s mental health are one’s culture, stigma, and family norms. The paper then talks about some possible solutions and initiatives that could be done to help with changing around the culture. From here the paper goes on to briefly talk about how natural disasters in the Philippines can lead to one developing mental stress. Some natural disasters that take affect in the Philippines are volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, floods and typhoons. This article concludes with talking about how these possible solutions and initiatives could be implemented to bring awareness to those in various Filipino cultures and hopefully show how important mental health is and that it is a big and rising issue. This paper shows that there is still plenty of research to be done in ways to improve the medical approach and that there are also ways to help improve those within different cultures to understand that mental illnesses are a part of life and can be treated with medicine from physicians.

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