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Depression: Psychopathology as Defined by Underrepresented Adolescents

Daniel Sandoval


How do adolescents define depression and how does that compare to the standard definition used in Psychology? Because not all suffering is equal, it is better to understand the narratives underrepresented people have by listening to them. This project is insightful by nature because it dives into the perspective adolescents have regarding depression. This project is a collaboration on an ongoing project in Oceanside which has collected qualitative data regarding mental health experiences of underrepresented adolescents. The setting where the interviews have taken place is a culturally diverse school in which students there are classified as socioeconomically disadvantaged. Within the interviews, participants were asked to define depression, where they heard this name from, and if they had it or knew someone that did.

To view the full poster, click on the pdf icon below.

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