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Food Insecurity: Exploring the Individual and Social Bodies' Positions within Hierarchical Food Systems Through a Lens of Critical Race Theory

Joseph Sales


Food insecurity is rampant throughout the U.S. and met with solutions that do not address
underlying discrimination. I am exploring the individual and social bodies’ positions within
hierarchical food systems through a lens of critical race theory. The concept of race and ethnicity
is a factor that is applied to the social determinants of health, however, is not always fully
understood. The difficult concepts within racism of many levels and structures serve as many
generalized barriers and food considerations in the social hierarchy of food systems. The
relationship between race/ethnicity and food insecurity is complex and is clearly intertwined with
other established determinants of food insecurity including poverty, housing instability,
urban/rural settings. This paper investigates racism as the foundation of food insecurity as seen
through studies, surveys, and reports. With my review of literary works, I seek to establish the
links between ethnic/migrant/minority groups in particular labor sectors and
individual/communal experiences of food insecurity. I want to break down systemic racism
between oppressed groups in relation to the hierarchal food systems.

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