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Her Experience in Uganda with CFHI

Christal Quick


This month’s student spotlight belongs to Christal Quick, a Global Health Major of this year’s graduating class. During her five weeks in Uganda, Christal worked with the Kigezi Health Foundation (KIHEFO) in Kabale through Child Family Health Internationl (CFHI), a non-profit organization.

See what Christal has to say about completing her field experience in Uganda!

“…I shadowed doctors daily in the main general clinic and also observed lab and ultrasound technicians there. At the maternity clinic and hospital, I observed two births with midwives as well as several antenatal clinics. I also conducted outreach and nutrition surveys in rural villages and interviewed women about their birth experiences and barriers to facility delivery and even got to visit and interview traditional village birth attendants. I learned to listen for fetal heart tones with a fetoscope, a skill that will come in handy as an aspiring midwife.”

Christal’s current on-going research projects and career aspirations both relate back to her Field Experience in Uganda. Christal plans on pursuing a master’s degree, where she hopes to return to Uganda for a portion of the program, to become a certified nurse midwife.

“I just completed an Independent Study project/internship in Fall quarter with Dr. Anita Raj in which I analyzed and presented the qualitative data I received through interviews I conducted with Ugandan women about their birth experiences.”

What were some challenges you faced?

“It was definitely challenging to witness such poverty and gender inequity. The women in Uganda work so hard and receive so little support. Culturally, things are different in so many wonderful ways, but at the same time the discrimination against women is entrenched in such a way that was just hard to accept at times…The challenges in Uganda are many, but the people are so strong and resilient. It is both inspiring and heart breaking.”

What were some valuable things you brought back?

“I feel that I received so, so much more than I gave and I know all the other students I was there with felt that way too. I have made wonderful friendships with Ugandans and other students and travelers that I hope to maintain and I gained the knowledge that I set out to learn.”

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