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Message & Advice from GHP Student Rep

Ashley Emuka


Welcome back, Tritons! I’m Ashley Emuka, your Global Health Student Representative and I would like to share some advice with you for the year.

As the new school year debuts, it is time to dive in to our global health work once again. As we gear  up to think of new innovative ways to solve population-based health inequities, it is imperative to remember the four challenges from Dr. Brandon Kohrt, M.D. Ph.D, last years keynote speaker at the Annual Horizons of Global Health Research Symposium.

The theme was global mental health and Dr. Kohrt taught four lessons that we can take away from his presentation and reflect back on during this 2016-2017 academic year.

  1. Put in work to improve cultural competency in global mental health

  2. Find ways to compensate for sustainable growth and support for global mental health

  3. Promote compassion and empathy for strong global mental health work

  4. Take care of yourself to better take care of others

Want to connect with a Global Health Program student rep? Contact info here.

Sincerely, Ashley Emuka, Global Health Major (’17)

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