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2022  Honors Thesis Projects:
Structural Vulnerabilities

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Posters under this theme address the crucial structural determinants of health linked to global frameworks of labor and exploitation, militarization, and looming gender inequities, that affect the distribution of health and wellbeing in the Global South and Global North.

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 Research Abstracts!

A Pandemic of Unequal Proportions SARS-CoV-2 Presents Inequality in
Facets of Vaccination: Non-Systematic Review

by Kayvon Dizehchi

Provider Health Literacy Impact on their Nonbinary and Trans Young Adults’ Care 

by Zurisadai Inzunza

Addressing Gender-Based Violence Against Rohingya Refugee Women Through Inclusive WaSH

by Colette Kirkpatrick

Making Better Decisions in the Cancer Care of Hispanic/Latina Immigrants

by Yazmin Munoz

Non-Communicable Diseases Among Syrian Refugees in Neighboring Host Countries: A Comparative Analysis

by Jacklyn Samaha

Barriers and Facilitators to Substance Use Initiation for the Heroin-Based Drug Whonga – Thematic Review of Evidence from South Africa

by Emily Hardy, Global Health MA Student

Examining the Determinants of COVID-19 Childhood Vaccination Decisions: the Role of Protective Behaviors Adherence and Burnout

by Gabriel Stone, Global Health MA Student

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