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2021  Honors Thesis Projects:

Refugee & Migrant Health

Image by Julie Ricard

Posters under this theme address the current health situation of refugees and migrants, and the challenges associated with migration and forced displacement.

Using a Syndemic Framework to Evaluate Cross-Border TB Interventions at the US-México border

by Hayden Guss

Click here for Hayden's Research Abstract

Rethinking Non-Communicable Diseases and Healthcare in the United States to Reduce the Burden of Disease among Arriving and Post-resettled Refugees 

by Rola Kojok

Click here for Rola's Research Abstract

The role of Cultural Practices, Values, and Norms in Type II Diabetes Treatment for Chinese and Japanese American Immigrants

by Cameron Ormiston

Click here for Cameron's Research Abstract

Healthcare Accessibility for Immigrants

by Kaylynn Chen

Healthcare services in the United States are still not equally accessible by all and immigrant communities are disproportionately affected by these disparities. This population, specifically migrants and refugees, have a higher risk of developing health issues but they are often uninsured and tend to seek care only when conditions have become chronic. Current medical literature has linked this trend to multiple political, socioeconomic, and cultural factors that foster a sense of distrust towards healthcare institutions due to real and perceived barriers. This paper examines current free clinic and community program models that have proven effective in filling the gap in the healthcare safety net and discusses how these interventions are vital in reducing healthcare disparities. Allotting more resources to such clinics and programs will foster a greater sense of community support which will encourage immigrants’ to use primary and preventative care services due to the increased cultural competency within clinical settings.

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