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2021  Honors Thesis Projects:

Global Health Programs: Strategies & Challenges


Posters under this theme explore a variety of global health programs that currently exist or are needed, including analysis of strengths and shortcomings of programs.

Community Health Workers: An Assessment of a Community-based Intervention Strategy in Infectious Disease Outbreaks Preparedness and Response

by Marina Edward

Click here for Marina's Research Abstract

The Silent Killer: Restructuring African American Myocardial Infarction Interventions for Providers and Patients in the United States

by Gabriela Stone

Click here for Gabriela's Research Abstract

Deconstructing Beauty: Establishing Colorist Beauty Standards as a Global Health Issue

by Divya Bahtia

Click here for Divya's Research Abstract

Biofortification through Genetic Modification: A Global Health Perspective

by Kyla Lorenzo

Click here for Kyla's Research Abstract

A comparison between school-based and community-based interventions on the prevalence of cardiovascular disease in Bangladesh

by Sifat Alam

Click here for Sifat's Research Abstract

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