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Luciana Zamora Volunteers with Scripps Memorial Hospital

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

Luciana Zamora is a fourth year Global health major interested in improving our communities health and lifestyles. Luciana's four years spent at the hospital had her completing a diverse set of tasks. Here, she maintained reports of patients’ medical histories, and monitored changes in the patients' conditions, assisted RN Engel in evaluating patients post anesthesia by checking vital signs, EKG leads and monitoring patient’s IV line, supported RN Engel in engaging with the patients and interpret medical procedures to patients and family members, recorded and researched all essential information during consults for follow-ups, surgeries, possible diagnose, possible required lab work of patients and/ or common tests for heart function such as: ECG, EKG, Angiograms, X-rays, Echocardiograms, and checked the stock on a regular basis for maintaining the inventory level, and placing orders if requested by RN.

Luciana notes that the biggest challenge faced was no longer being able to serve as a volunteer due to COVID-19 restrictions. During her time at Scripps, Luciana built strong connections with the nurses and other providers and really got some insight into life in the field.

Learn more about how to become a volunteer here:

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