Haley Quesada spent 5 weeks with CFHI in the Philippines

Haley is a senior majoring in Global Health. She is interested in understanding how different ways of healing work together to provide people with health care. In her free time, she studies herbal medicine, specifically the traditional Filipino healing methods. Haley strives to find the best ways of providing universal health care, but also address how healthy living also stems from a healthy environment, which needs to be addressed structurally. This year, Haley spent 5 weeks in the Philippines with Child Family Health International (CFHI), a nonprofit, faith-based health system.

Haley spent her time rotating among the public and private hospitals and clinics of the remote island, Manila. She shadowed nurses, and learned about the various triage services such as vaccinations, TB treatment, and general checkups. Haley’s opportunities for learning were not confined to only these clinical settings. She was also given the opportunity to interview traditional healers and visit various museums which provided her with a strong understandi