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GLBH 104 Students Showcase their Creative Expressions Projects at Horizons Research Symposium

Connie Xie and Emma Mowbray


UC San Diego’s Annual Horizons of Global Health Research Symposium is a unique opportunity for Global Health students to present their research about the diversity of global health work around the world. Faculty and students from across campus are invited to participate and contribute to building the UC San Diego Global Health community. 

We wanted to showcase a couple of the Creative Expressions projects from GLBH 104: Exploring the Moral & Political Dimensions of Health and the Human Condition in Winter Quarter 2023. In this course, students draw insights from the medical humanities, this course engages students in thinking about the human condition (what it means to be human or dehumanized) from multiple perspectives: individual, social, civic. How do humans ascribe meaning to their lives? What does it take to flourish? What is empathy; for whom do we have it? What is ethical and just about the organization of society and its impact on health?

Students reflected on the process of learning about and using visual art for a creative expression of health/illness/inequities, and reflecting critically on their future careers in the field of medicine/health and expressing this reflection by making a piece of art.

Students presenters for the 2023 Horizons of Global Health Research Symposium included:

  • Connie Xie, Psychology B.S with a Specialization in Cognitive Psychology

  • Emma Mowbray, Global Health B.A.

Connie Xie's Final Project: Portrayal of Sex Workers in Popular Media

Emma Mowbray's FInal Project: "My Child — You Are Born Twice"

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