Elaine Dang Spent 6 Months with Feeding San Diego

Updated: 5 days ago

Elaine is an Asian American student born in Orange County and is interested in improving nonprofits and people’s access to proper healthcare. For six months, she worked within the CalFresh department at Feeding San Diego to help fight food insecurity in San Diego’s neighborhoods.

During her time with Feeding San Diego, she went into the community to answer questions and help people enroll in CalFresh. At the office, she and her team would oversee cases and contact the county to ensure these cases were given approval.

Elaine notes that ever-increasing government restrictions placed on the CalFresh were an issue because these restrictions reduced the amount of people eligible for the program and made it much more difficult to enroll for those who did qualify. Although she herself could not do anything to prevent this, she is hopeful that legislative changes will be made in the near future to help provide more aid to people in need. Elaine mentions that for this reason, her time with Feeding San Diego helped her gain

“a deeper understanding of how important it is to vote.”

During her free time, Elaine would take on volunteering shifts at the food bank where she helped to ensure that food would be distributed to local neighborhoods directly.