Willis Gough volunteers with Union of Pan Asian Communities

Willis is a recently graduated Global Health senior from UCSD. He was a transfer student from San Diego Miramar College and took some time away from school to take care of his father, who was ill. After returning to UC San Diego, Willis changed his major to Global Health.

“It was one of the best decisions I've made, as I feel I have purpose with this major. My future goal is to work with Union of Pan Asian Communities, which is where I did my field experience, and still volunteer as of now.”

Union of Pan Asian Communities (UPAC) is a non-profit organization here in San Diego, California. Originally, the organization provided health and human services to low income Asian families in San Diego. Over the years, however, UPAC expanded their services to low income communities regardless of one's ethnicity. The areas that UPAC specialize in are mental health, combating drug addiction, homeless outreach, community engagement, and health promotion.

UPAC has many locations throughout San Diego, and each one specializes in their own area of focus. Willis completed his field experience with the Counseling and Treatment Center (CTC) in City Heights. Willis worked to help prepare clients with mental illnesses for their appointments with nurses and therapists.